mezanur r emon - whats the reason of living?

whats the reason of living?

the conclusion of the story is the question of meaning: why do some people find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life, but others do not? i begin with the culturally wide spread idea that there is a vertical, spiritual dimension of human existence. whether it is called nobility, virtue, or divinity, and whether or not GOD exists, people simply do perceive sacredness, holiness, or some ineffable goodness in others, and in nature.

i’ll present my own research on the moral emotions of disgust, elevation, and awe to explain how this vertical dimension works, and why the dimension is so important for understanding religious fundamentalism, the political culture war, and the human quest for meaning.

i’ll also consider what people mean when the you ask, “what is the meaning of life?” and i’ll give an answer to the question- an answer that draws on ancient ideas about having a purpose but that uses very recent research to go beyond these ancient ideas, or any ideas you are likely to have encountered. in doing so, i’ll revise the happiness hypothesis one last time. i could state that final version here in a few words, but 1 could not explain it in this brief introduction without cheapening it.

words of wisdom, the meaning of life, perhaps even the answer sought by borges’s librarians all of these may wash over us every day, but they can do little for us unless we savor them, engage with them, question them, improve them, and connect them to our lives.

neither ive finished this neither i got time for reading this. but whenever i started to read this i feel like iam a COW , LMAFO . bc i cant find a good reason of living of cows now i couldnt find of myself, thats what happens when you insult someone for no reason :p take a lesson from it. pray for me so that i got meaning of my living after completing this book otherwise i”ll end up being a cow lol. this is how the first part of this book look like, i will do more of this if i find something that can be shareable.

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