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thoughts got stuck

your intelligence is something very basic about you that you cant change very much. you can learn new things, but cant really change how intelligent you are. now matter how much intelligence you have, you can always change it a quite bit. you can always substantially change how intelligent you are. you also have beliefs about other abilities. you could substitute “artistic talent,” “sports ability,” or “business skill” for “intelligence.” try it. its not only your abilities; its your personal qualities too.

here is my opinion about these words: its really works for me. people have different abilities in their life to be successful. but where they got stuck is, even if theyre really good at with there aim still they couldnt get what they deserve because on the other side people who isnt that good at everything but they have abilities to do anything even if its not worth it. doing different thing doesnt make you professional and you dont need to be pro at everything but at least it will help at a time when you go through such things and i swear you wont feel strange and you can do it confidently.

you are a certain kind of person, and there is not much that can be done to really change that. no matter what kind of person you are, you can always change substantially. you can do things differently, but the important parts of who you are cant really be changed. you can always change the basic things about the kind of person you are. your “personality mindset” comes into play in situations that involve your personal qualities- for example, how dependable, cooperative, caring, or socially skilled you are. the fixed mindset makes you concerned with how you will be judged; the growth mindset makes you concerned with improving.

[1]think about someone you know who is steeped in the fixed mindset. think about how theyre always trying to prove themselves and how theyre supersensitive about being wrong or making mistakes. did you ever wonder why they were this way? (are you this way?) {yes i was XD} now you can being to understand why.

[2] think about you know who is skilled in the growth mindset- someone who understands that important qualities can be cultivated. think about the ways they confront obstacles. think about the things they do to stretch themselves. what are some ways you might like to change or stretch yourself?

okay, now imagine youve decided to learn a new language and youve signed up for a class. a few sessions into the course, the instructor calls you to the front of the room and starts throwing questions at you one after another. [1]put yourself in a fixed mindset. your ability is on the line. can you feel everyones eyes on you? can you see the instructors face evaluating you? feel the tension, feel your ego bristle and waver. what else you thinking and feeling? [2] now put yourself in a growth mindset. youre a novic- thats why youre here. youre here to learn. the teacher is a resource for learning. feel the tension leave you; feel your mind open up.

the message is: you can change your mindset.

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